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Fellow Conservative:

Our current state of affairs has Colorado trying to become more and more like California, a fate I would not wish on anybody. The state government is becoming more and more embolden to enact legislation against our right to free speech (hate laws) , right to bear arms (red flag and magazine restriction laws) and freedom of religion (manifested in laws taking away parental rights on education, immunization, etc).

It is important that we re-elect Donald Trump and Corey Gardner. However we are impacted by the results of local and state elections. It is hard to find good candidates to run for such offices because we are too busy trying to live the American dream through hard work. By doing so we are allowing those who despise what we call “American Exceptionalism” and want to bring about “Socialism” to displace “Capitalism”. This happens when our youth has never been exposed to the benefits of capitalism to everyone.

In Adams County we have had several years where we lost seats by less than three hundred votes. If we could just get more people to realize the importance of the legislature in our daily lives we would put more effort and capital towards these races to truly take back America’s values, family values and moral values.

My name is Tony Caputo and I am running to be the representative for House District 32. I understand the importance of real family and moral values in good government. I also believe that I have experience on both sides of the economic system (as an of 2 small businesses and as a postman working for the federal government) As the old song goes “I’ve looked at both sides now …”, and I have seen what works and what doesn’t.

If elected, and am a part of the majority, I will work towards passing laws that protect our right of speech, especially on campuses as well as religion. I will work to overturn laws restricting parental rights in decisions for their own kid’s education. I will promote improving education by not just throwing more money at it but by working with parents, business. Home schoolers, teachers and principles to create a student centered system utilizing programs that work. I will work to allow more control at the local level by using innovative technology and techniques. I will work to protect what has been a great economy in Colorado by including energy systems (like fracking, which has already been approved by the voters but is now being attacked by the legislature and the Governor) of energy production that doesn’t require subsidies to sustain itself. I will work with other self identifying conservatives to promote “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

If elected and am a part of the minority, I will fight to expose the kind of ridiculous laws currently being promoted by the Democrats. (like a recent law aimed at giving minors, without parental consent, to force registrars to change the gender identification to what they want to be identified as. This without age restrictions legal ramifications.) I would do all I could to stop such useless laws which are usually restrictive of personal and parental rights. I will fight for your rights and freedoms.

For this reason, I am asking you to consider donating any amount (we usually don’t have the pull to get the “big bucks”) to help someone elected who will make a difference pertaining to you individual rights and freedom and those of families.

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