While America faces Corona Virus

Updated: May 22, 2020

While America faces the CoronaVirus

What’s on our legislator’s mind?

SB20-166: “Simplifying Requirements For New Birth Certificate” or “ The Magical Door for Minors”

Who dreams up these names? What this attempts to do is allow children under the age of 18 to “demand” that the state registrar issue a new “birth certificate” that changes his/her/? birth certificate to that person’s current choice and even change their name. How young is this going to go? How many times would they be allowed to do this? What are some unintended legal ramifications? Ignoring all the legal problems involved in such a process, ie. altering official documents, ability of minors to legally do such a thing, etc., one has to wonder on who’s radar is this so important as to put it into our State Laws. This is even worse than when they put into the State Constitution that no one can use bear traps. This bill totally undermines parental rights, the changing of legal records that could become important in trials (becoming a security threat), the ability for doctors to know what type of drugs are needed that can differ because of actual sex. This also intrudes on religious liberty creating potential legal ramifications involving parents and their rights. Is this the kind of laws we send our representatives to promote? These types of laws (as well as HB201158: “Colorado Building Families Act”) demonstrate encroachment on family, religious, and personal freedoms. We elect our representatives to handle real issues (Infrastructure, quality education, etc.) not to become our “Nanny’s”. Quoting Vermont’s famous slogan “Don’t Tread on Me”. In other words, get out of our business!

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