What would Colorado Democrats do?

SB20-072 Human Sexuality Education Notification Requirement:

This bill was sent to the “State, Veterans and Military affairs” committee. It would have strengthened current law concerning parental notifications on certain programs, classes and speakers in their kid’s school so that they can know what is being taught and give them time to review and then allow them to have their children opted out because it is contrary to their moral beliefs.

You might wonder why this was sent to the Veterans and military affairs committee. Certainly seems to have no connection at all. The House and the Senate majority leaders have the right to assign a bill to whichever committee they desire. Oftentimes they will send a bill to a specific committee to “die” ( to be indefinitely postponed) thereby ensuring it would not be passed into law.

The Senate Democrats have such contempt for anything that disagrees with their agenda. The religious rights of parents and individuals is relegated to committees where they are sure to be indefinitely postponed. Parents, they think, don’t know what is appropriate for their children to be taught. Bye bye rights, hello political correctness!

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