The New Normal: Beware !!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

What's the phrase that we have been hearing lately. The press, Democrat leaders and many other people are saying we cannot go back to the old "normal" but look forward to the new "Normal". I had forgotten some of the tactics of the KGB in the past but this video reminded me, and when I heard "normalization" in this video and it reminded me of our current phrase the "New Normal". Check this video out first as you read on. It only lasts about 10 minutes:

Communist work to destabilize a country by reaching the children first by denigrating American patriotism and causing a demoralization of the American kids (in more than one sense) and not teaching them the real history of this country. This is done" By Americans to Americans (quote from video) thanks to the lack of moral standards …". This was accomplished in our schools (and continues) as children are taught moral relativism, the absence of moral absolutes and God. Never mind that this very philosophy allowed for the justification of the guillotine of the French Revolution, the Holocaust during the NAZI rule in Germany, The millions starved in Ukraine by "papa" Stalin, the "Killing fields" of Cambodia, the Cultural revolution by Mao all which led to well over 100,000, 000 deaths in the last century alone. (I know France wasn't using the guillotine during the 20th century). Moral relativism and the teaching of evolution encourages racism (even though there is only one race - Human) and the diminishing of the value of life. This has led to the killing of 60,000,000 babies in the US alone (yes I said babies). If you are a minority, are you even in the least bit curious that the vast majority of abortion clinics exist in minority sections of towns? Coincidence? Just a though.

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