The joy of mentoring

Since I retired, I decided to do mentoring with the Denver Rescue Mission. We have not been able to meet and do our Bible studies until this week.

Here I am with Antonio Birdsong who just brings joy to my heart because of his desire to learn the Word of God. He has been going over a manuscript I wrote nearly 25 years ago. We even had a chance to sneak in a little political discussion.

Antonio has been my third mentee and is probably my favorite. He always has a smile (even though you can't see it now) and is upbeat about his future.

Over the years , along with donations I have had the pleasure of helping out at the downtown main mission in a couple of ways.

I on a number of occasions did tailoring for some of the cliental so they could go out on interviews.

I even had the joy of conducting a number of sermons and leading some to the Lord. That is a joy that almost can't be beat. They not only have the shelter downtown ...

but a place called the Crossing where those who want to grow and become productive again can live and get work, staying there until they are settled enough to go out on their own. This is where I do my mentoring.

I've had the opportunity to work with some of the children there as well. Please remember them in your prayers and donate to this tremendous cause. There all these people have had a place to stay during the Covid crisis.

Please keep this organization in prayer and consider giving donations so they can keep up this tremendous work Tony

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