Sneaking around Tabor

Colorado State Government has continually tried end runs around TABOR where we get to vote on any tax increases. Their most successful method is to call things as fees, not taxes. I am for Proposition 117 just by gut instinct. Now I have an actual example of this happening to me. I know this happens when paying vehicle taxes and such, but this caught my attention!

Democrats are sneaky like this critter taking it all if you are not vigilant. I had the misfortune of getting a ticket for a U-turn in El Paso County while going to Avondale to do a service for a small church there. Because I take Lasix I usually have to stop a couple of times to get there. I turned onto a street from I- 25 where there was a McDonald's. This was early Sunday Morning with no traffic on the street. I did not see a sign on the right but did see the sign at the turn onto another. The need to go pushed me to do the U-turn to get to the eatery. I drove into the lot and started getting out and there was a patrol officer there to catch me. Unfortunately, since this has been a very rare situation for me I have gotten into the habit of just keeping the last insurance card on me without putting the updated one in my wallet so he decided to give me a ticket for that even though I had the previous card with me (and I thought he could electronically verify it). This forced me to make an appearance at the El Paso County Court House. The assistant DA ended up reducing the charge with no points but a $35 fine. When I went to pay the fine I was shocked at how a small fine grew 200%.

Get this. the fine was $35. Court costs (even though there was no trial) was $21. Then there was a $5 Court Security Cash Fund fee. There was a $2.50 Genetic Testing Surcharge, but there was no genetic testing. There was also a Family Friendly Surcharge of $1. Finally there was a "Restorative Justice Surcharge of $10. (Was this to rehabilitated me?)

A $35 fine turns into $84.50, due to fees etc.! I think we definitely think we need Proposition 117. I can just imagine what all the "fees" will be when I go to pay my vehicle taxes.

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