SB-163: forget parental rights!

Updated: May 19, 2020

This bill passed in the Senate even though hundreds of parents testified against it. It is now in the House where it's stalled because of the shutdown. It would have severely restricted immunization exemptions allowing some parents to opt out for personal or religious reasons. This is Democratic mindset, never mind evidence that some immunizations have had bad effects on those who received them! But "nanny state" government knows what is best for you and you better take it or else...! Look at the rights of citizens and Churches that have been abused in the name of "safety". Now we are learning that the models that doctor Fauci came up with are totally bogus, just like the models used to predict global catastrophe because of warming (even though in the 70's and 80's we were told we were about to enter a new mini ice age). All the models of catastrophe and doom and gloom of the "experts" never panned out. So are we supposed to trust them now when we are finding out a lot of what we've been told were lies? I don't think so. We the people say "we're watching you:

Note: New developments are coming out that justifies the unwillingness of people to take some immunization shots.

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