Remember this "If you want to keep your health care …"?

Updated: May 19, 2020

HB-1008 places heavy regulations on medical cost-sharing programs. (sent to committee of the whole). What this does is try to control choice in medical health plans so they become less cost effective. It would prohibit the promoting of such novel programs like Christian Medishare and advertising it's benefits over "government" approved programs which they see as lying (They get to say what is good or bad, not you). Ultimately it wants to tell you to include things (like transgender issues, abortion, sexual identity treatments etc. ) in the program even though they do not apply to your situation. What does a single 60 year old man need pregnancy coverage for himself??? They want it all to be one size fits all even though it costs more. If you want gender transforming surgery or abortion, why should you and I have to pay so that it can be covered. There are many elective surgeries that are not included in most insurances. We don't need Government telling us what policy is right for us!

As this flag says: "

I think I know what's right for me just as you do for yourself. Get over it!"

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