Presenting … Steve House

Updated: May 19, 2020

Steve House is currently running for US House District 6. I have known Steve for a number of years when we were both involved in Adams County Republican Party. Steve is a born leader and a doer, the kind that gets things done. He has an amazing mind for business & political activity. So, Presenting ...

Steve will work well with President Trump to get this country back on track. If we follow the Democrat solution we will end up as we were during the Great Depression. Steve and Trump will not let that happen.

The Dems answer is one size fits all so that all suffer. They have no logic and are only interested in their own power, not the average taxpayer. Steve and Trump does!

Steve will fight for our individual rights on the national level, as I will in Colorado

A good business sense is the only thing that will save this country. Steve and Trump have that sense!

As Joe Biden might say "Oh Come on man", I say you have to say ahhhhh to this picture. America has got to get back to family values and our moral groundings. To this I say, Amen and God Bless

We need a new kind of independence Day, from Democrat policies. Let's elect Steve House!!!!

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