"If you use your hands like this, you just might be an Italian"

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Here are some fun pics at the service I did in Avondale Colorado (kinda my missionary church)

I know I wasn't directing the music here.

Was I trying to do a judo chop? Where was that in the sermon?

Hocus Pocus... was I trying to be like my favorite magician, Shin Lim?

what did I do with my cards? I know, I already made them disappear! (Bought that?)

I finally ended the ordeal (in a prayer)

This was this little guys reaction! Wow Don't know if it was a cheer for the sermon or just an Amen?

All kidding aside it was such a joy doing the services for this small church. The people there are the dearest people I know. They have accepted me like a brother. The Sunday School was on the Book of Revelation 17:6-8, some of the hardest Verses of Prophecy, the woman dressed in scarlet and purple. After teaching the Book of Daniel for 9 years and Revelation for more than 5 years I have been able to identify for the most part a lot of the symbolism. This section is very difficult (including the beast that was, is not , shall ascend from the bottomless pit and go into perdition. It far harder than it looks because different characters fill part of it and not all of it. Hard to find the one that fits all 4 parts. (Any ideas? I will comment back). The sermon was Who are the Overcomers of Revelation. The answer in other of John's Books. All seemed to enjoy it. No one fell asleep.

Found out one of the member's son had tried to commit suicide the night before. He is in ICU intubated but hanging on. Would Appreciate prayer for this young man. Thanks

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