How Far will they Go??? Posted in Pillar Citizens site.

Parents are finding out that the radical sex ed program in a local Austin Texas elementary school, Blackshear Fine Arts Academy, allowed a convicted Transgender prostitute (had been ajudicated of such), hold a story time in their school.

"David", ajudicated as a prostitute, who goes by the name "Miss Kitty Litter ATX", had actually warned the school Librarian George Grape that getting approval for the event might be rejected because he/she might not be able to pass background checks if they consider a deferred adjudication for prostitution as a conviction. Either the school did not do a background check or just ignored it outright. Either way the school allowed the event. "Kitty" stayed from 7:25 AM to 2:11 PM. One wonders what else was done besides reading to elementary school kids (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders). Did Kitty advise the school on other sex ed subjects like "back end" sex and best way to do it; what ages you can get birth control, abortions and other health care issues WITHOUT PARENTAL KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. This is being taught at elementary schools in Austin.

This was not a one time deal. These two were also invited to the same school during Gay Pride Week.

What's next? You mark my words they will, in the not too distant future, promote pedophilia. Don't believe me? There has been, granted an extremely small one which was dissolved in 2010, a party in Holland called "Neighborly Love Freedom and Diversity Party" which supported pedophilia. Here in America we have an organization called the North American man/Boy Love Association whose motto is "sex by 8 or it's too late".

South Park even did a parody of Cartman joining this organization in the 5th episode of the 4th season. Here is an example of a cartoon by someone named Christopher for NAMBLA:

This is their approach to justifying the act. This is there most recent post. The following is their logo:

And their front page pic:

They brag about their longevity in this label:

Here is a picture (also had an article) of a famous Pedophile they approved of.

They also did a long critique of the whole phenomena by this book:

This is their arguement for legalizing Pedophylia.

Don't say we haven't warned you!!!!!

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