Here's another way to waste your money

Updated: May 19, 2020

HB-1011: would provide for a "state" sponsored campaign for preschool education. My question is don't you have enough time to indoctrinate our school kids already? This is just another way to separate children from their parents and parental guidance. They are already teaching kids to be snitches on their parents on a number of issues. They are being ingrained with "politically correct" thoughts and beliefs. Religious teaching is being denigrated , particularly the Judeo-Christian belief system, and told it's all lies and fables. This of course seems not to apply to Islamic teachings where some kids are taught tenants of that faith, and of course, the whole "religion" of Humanism that denies absolutes and God Himself. And where is the extra funding for this going to come from since most liberals are already complaining about lack of funds for regular schools. Let the parents choose how to pre-educate their children or do you think we are too stupid to do so. (Passed first committee, stalled because of close downs)

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