Feels so good

For someone who's taught the Bible for over 35 years it felt so good to be able to do 3 Sundays in a row of teaching adult Sunday School and doing the Church sermon. (The timing was perfect because the first time we were able to meet our organist brought a friend who has been battered. I believe that through the lessons and sermon and a 10 PM session we were able to get her out of the desire to commit suicide)

This is the inside of our small church in Commerce City. All the metal work (crosses) on the wal and the podium's metal work and the podium was donated to our little flock.

The first week was very sparse as we were also competing for Memorial Day presence along with the Covid scare. But we ere there and rejoicing in the Lord

That's me way in the back (of course the right side).

This weekend I got to go down to our sister church who does not have a regular pastor. Most originally lived in the Commerce City area or in Thornton are so I try to go down to minister when I can. Usually 2 days, each for 3 hours. I want them to get their money's worth.

This beautiful cast iron sign was also donated to Avondale Bible Church

This was my photographer at the Church by he name of Abby.

Jimmy Bernal does the opening prayer, collection and songs. Then he grudgingly turns it over to me where I demonstrate that I was born in Italy as you can tell in other post where I gesticulate a lott!!!

Hey, I gotta be me. It's always such a joy to be with them when I can.

Her we are doing the final song. Time to go back to the grind of the campaign. God Bless All.

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