Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Once a country has been demoralized (taken away from Godly morals) the next step to destroying a country from within ( this info comes from the video interview of a former Communist who defected to the US). The task of destroying the country from within is to destabilize it which. he said, usually lasts for 2-5 years. (He gives a number of examples: Granada, Nicaragua and others of that day) This focuses on the economy (remember Obama's quote that manufacturing jobs would never return to America: his "new normal"). But then somehow some one who truly loved America and understands the way things really work came along and totally disproved Obama's claims, thus upsetting those who want to diminish America, it's Foreign Relations (Obama's apology tour), and defense (look at how Carter and Obama each nearly destroyed our military capacity only to be corrected by Reagan and Trump, thank God!) and economy.

Our economy has been attacked by the policies (recently) by Obama and the radicalized Democrat party which no longer can be recognized by those who remember John F, Kennedy. Anything above 2% growth was unthinkable, justified by the notion "why should we be so much more prosperous than the rest of the world" promoting that us being prosperous some how makes the rest of the world less prosperous (using guilt). These ideas are promoted to gullible and ignorant people, made that way by a failing school system (or are they achieving the goal of indoctrination) that either does not understand how wealth is in fact created or is just socialized by their mentors. But then something strange happened, Trump was elected and we saw the greatest decline in the unemployment rate, in all ethnic and gender areas, the greatest establishment of the ability to create wealth, return jobs to America and return manufacturing to our shores. So much for Obama's and the Democrats "new normal".

No longer was there a man going around the world and apologizing and giving aid to bad actors in the world. Trump stood up to them and guess what, they caved. We of course realize that they won't stop trying to subvert and cause us to try to buy their cooperation.

China was only one of a number of characters that were confronted. Anybody hear much about ISIS that thrived under the Obama administration. "Rocket man" started behaving himself so we hear very little from him. (Remember how Reagan handled Gaddafi of Libya? What did he do when his own palace was bombed? All of a sudden he thought it wise to turn over his nuclear and biological weapons. I wonder why? Just a thought)

Patriotism and a built up military now stand in the way of all the radicals ideas that the Democrat Party wishes to come true in this land, a "New Utopia of Socialism". But don't rest on your laurels quite yet. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and a people who will keep that vigilance.

But let's go back to that phrase we've been hearing about the "New Normal". How will it manifest

And don't forget to put on that mask!!! More to come, but this should be enough to give you pause. Just a thought!

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