Crisis can be generated by a false narrative when used on a gullible nation that has lost it's true history. The press has done an amazing job of this trying to gen up what would normally be just a recurring period of flu's and viruses. By constantly referring to the happenings concerning the current virus (from Wu Han) as a pandemic and only allowing a few voices to be heard the press has caused many (if not most) to relinquish rights and freedoms.

The Government (state levels and cities) got to determine what was essential and not. Beurocraccies and government were kept open (in various ways) and politicians kept being paid even though they refused to do things that would help those who "THEY" said were nonessential. Of course Churches were targeted: pastors arrested, mayors and Governors asking people to snitch on church gatherings. Gun rights were sought to be restricted (Why?). Any contrary information was squelched by the likes of Facebook and Twitter (where is free speech) and we were told to trust Dr. Fauci and WHO (World Health Organization, a bloated and inept beurocracy of the United Nations) . What happened to the old adage of getting a "second opinion". The wrong people were told to wear masks and isolate themselves from the rest of the world even though doing so meant they would come out of isolation with a weakened immune system.

Those who were the most vulnerable (the elderly) were sent to senior living centers who were not equipped to handle the crisis thereby causing the most susceptible to come down with the virus and die (Thanks Governor Cuomo). Nobody was allowed to listen to actual virologist who had real world experience until some came out and tried to expose the truth. When you are being bombarded 24/7 with news about the Virus (even Fox and Newsmax fell into that category) what else would you expect?

It got to the point I began listening to the comedy channel to keep my sanity. Then we find out the consequences (so we are told) of being shut in. Crimes increased. Suicides did as well. Depression, the loss of one's own immune system to protect them (herd immunity), financial problems bringing about even other social problems.

When all else didn't work this virus could be the undoing of the president, so they hoped. But this would not be sufficient as more and more got out and did what Americans do and, horrors to the left, the economy refused to stagnate and began moving upwards in a timely fashion. One crisis would not be enough. Plans that have been in the "books" for a while now would have to be implemented, and a new crisis would be stacked on a weary American population, aided by Democrat mayors and Governors. The ends justify the means. There's more to come, but this is enough to make you wonder.

Just a thought.

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