A win for family rights against Bill Gates and Big Pharma

Updated: May 19, 2020


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Viruses are not a joke. They have been going on throughout the ages. Some vaccines are in fact good. But... Three people (Including Robert F Kennedy Jr. (a good guy) have been fighting to find out the truth about certain vaccines. This why so many families have been refusing to take vaccines for themselves and their children. States are passing laws that will require you to take certain vaccines before you get your driver's license renewed or send your kids to school (or perhaps to even work in certain jobs, especially governmental jobs) Now these three have won a case in the US Supreme court striking down laws that force this. You have got to listen to this guy as he talks about the case and learn more than you want to hear about certain vaccines (remember this not against all vaccines). Men in white (doctors) are not God nor are they omniscient. Remember the rule of finding out truth, FOLLOW THE MONEY. Notice that most vaccines are now free at your drugstore. Who's paying for this and who is getting the money????? Would you be surprised that it is a billionaire by the name of Bill Gates. Who pays? You through your taxes. Who's pushing the efforts to have everybody vaccine, None other than George Soros. That can't be good. This is a very evil man. We need to fight for our rights. This kind of info is being blocked by Facebook, twitter and by other large corporations. Besides their liberal bias, I think they may have some nefarious reasons. I will fight for your parental rights at the State Capitol.

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