What We Stand For


Individual Rights

  • Freedom of Speech- we should not be bound by the abuse of political correctness, which stifles the ability for people to think and communicate.

  • Freedom of Religious Expression- we stand firm that religious organizations should be protected and fought for.

  • Right to Bear Arms- We have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  • Right to Life- We believe all life is valuable and worth protecting.

Parental Rights

  • We will work to restrict overreach of government agencies.

  • We will work to promote the rights of families to practice their faith and to make decisions that are in the best interest of their children.  (However, we do believe that child abuse is wrong and should be taken care of swiftly and judiciously.)

  • We will work for parents to be the ultimate decision maker on where and how their children will be educated.

T. A. B. O. R.

  • As tax payers we have the right to decide when we will have tax increases and by how much.

  • We deserve to have a government that is accountable and transparent with the people about how our money is being used.

  • We deserve to see a restriction on the use of "fees" in lieu of "taxes."  We deserve to keep the money we worked hard to earn.


  • Our children deserve the highest quality education possible without harming public schools.

  • We must work with teachers, principals, parents, school boards, local businesses, tech oriented companies, to innovate the education field while honoring the needs and the best interests of all children.


  • We, as hard working Americans, deserve better, cheaper, and more options for health care that prevents the government from intruding upon your rights.

  • You deserve a tailored health care system that aligns with your beliefs and thoughts; instead of a "one size fits all" approach.

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